About me

I was born in Barcelona on August 18th of some year, at precisely two in the morning, during a typical summer storm. My mother always reminded me of that tale when my birthday was near. I never knew if being born during the wee hours of a rainy night was a good or a bad sign. Quite frankly, I don’t care. I feel very lucky.

I am the youngest son of the Hernández-Subiranas, and I have an elder sister. The family residence was a flat in the Sant Martí de Provençals neighbourhood, where my parents, my sister, my maternal grandmother (Granny Pilar) and I lived. I wouldn’t go into all this but for the fact that thanks to them I heard the call of the stage. They often took me to the movies and the theatre.


My parents never had the chance of going to college, and their obsession was to give us a good education. So they took me to a religious school in another area of town for my elementary and high-school education. I don’t have great memories of my school years, except those where the main characters are my childhood and teenage friends, or some dear teacher. But it is only fair to acknowledge that my first stage experiences were at school, in the plays that were performed for Christmas and Sant Jordi. I remember with special fondness a play that we did for the senior year of high-school, to finance the end-of-year trip. I was the star of the evening: a shy and quite introverted boy brought to life, with quite a bit of panache and humour, one of the eccentric characters in Noël Coward’s “High Fever”.

Then came college. I started to study History in the University of Barcelona while doing amateur theatre.  From there I moved on to college theatre and my first acting classes at the Col·legi de Teatre, with teachers like Jordi Mesalles, Boris Rotenstein and Berti Tovias.

I switched from History to the Institut del Teatre, and after first year I experienced my first opening night, led by Konrad Zschiedrich, with Talleret de Salt. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to perform in the theatre, in television and also in the movies.


I really like comedy, in spite of the shabby treatment it often receives. This does not mean I look down on other genres, but I do mistrust their supposed intellectual worth.  I think reflexion comes from the message itself, not from its means of delivery.

Outside of my work, travelling is what I enjoy the most, and I’ve travelled whenever I have been able to afford it. I have learned many of the most vital lessons while spending time abroad. Possibly, my favourite place is Italy, where I have been able to spend long spells studying, working or visiting friends. Seeing new landscapes and meeting new people stimulates me and open new vistas form my mind and spirit. I also enjoy the US a lot. I have only been able to visit occasionally, but I would not mind living in cities like San Francisco, or New  York.


Recently I have been exploring scuba diving, which has in common with travelling the fact that it reveals new worlds, new sensations. I think I have found my ultimate sport. I must confess that I hate gyms. It is a fact that we have to move the body to keep in shape, so I’m trying other options, like Swing, which is a lot of fun, or line-skating, choices that take me away from places that remind me of medieval torture chambers.

Obviously, both reading and music are present in my moments of leisure. On the other hand, writing is becoming an important part of my creative activity.