• Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts, with a Major in Interpretation, from Institut del Teatre de Barcelona.
  • Prima de Teatro, 10th Edition, under Fedra de Séneca with Professors Lorenzo Salveti (Acting), Alan Woodhouse (Voice) and Berti Tovias (Chorus and Body Work).
  • Two years of acting with Boris Rotenstein at Col.legi de Teatre.
  • Neutral Mask and Character Training, History and Drama, with Berti Tovias at Col.legi de Teatre.
  • Text Work with Jordi Mesalles at Col.legi de Teatre.
  • Movement and Body Work with S. Weston and P. Cherms.
  • The Actor’s Human Voice, with Franco di Francescoantonio.
  • Classical German Theatre, with Konrad Zschiedrich.
  • Shakespearean Verse and Action Workshop, with Dugald Bruce-Lockhart.
  • Singing, with Rosa Mª Conesa
  • B1 Driver’s Permit


Catalan, Spanish, Italian, English and French.